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Essays – Nonfiction pieces exploring perfume, flavor, botanicals, distillation, and much more, from a wide array of perspectives.

Stories & Poems – Creative works inspired by taste, smell, olfaction, and aromatics.

Monographs – Nonfiction pieces describing a single aromatic molecule or plant species.

Interviews – Interviews with authors, distillers, perfumers, aroma therapists, artists, chemists, and anyone with professional expertise or experience using or investigating aromatics or olfaction.

Reviews – Books, booze, perfumes, flavors, artworks and events about or involving smell.

Please note: We love thoughtful, idiosyncratic, intelligent, personal, humorous, passionate reviews of books, perfumes, essential oils, and pretty much any specific product that has anything to do with smell. We also love reviews of art and performance that incorporate aromas or olfaction. We do not like shameless advertisement or self-promotion.

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