***CLOSED*** Call for Submissions & Pitches for Aromatica Poetica’s Blind Writers Project – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry ***CLOSED***

Thanks to a grant from the Awesome Foundation Disability chapter, we will be able to pay and feature the work of four blind or visually impaired writers in the coming months. Please peruse the site and visit our general submissions page before submitting to get a sense of what we like to publish. More info about Aromatica Poetica’s Blind Writers Project can be found below, but here’s the skinny on what you need to know:

  • Nonfiction, fiction, and poetry from blind or visually impaired writers all welcome
  • Your work should engage with the sense of smell or taste in a meaningful way
  • For prose, we strongly prefer work under 2000 words, but will consider work up to 5000 words. Excerpts from longer works are acceptable, as long as they present as self-contained
  • For nonfiction, you can pitch us your idea (or ideas), but please also provide links to samples of your writing
  • Submit up to three poems
  • We will consider previously published work, but please let us know when and where the work was published and provide links if relevant
  • Upon acceptance, we will pay $200 for each prose piece or poem/poems via PayPal
  • Attach prose, poetry, or pitch as a doc, docs, or rtf file
  • In the body of the email, please provide a cover letter, including a short bio (50 words) and a little background about your blindness or visual impairment, and how you think it affects your reading and/or writing endeavors
  • Email cover letter and attached document to submit@aromaticapoetica.com
  • Deadline: April 15, 2019!

More about the Aromatica Poetica Blind Writers Project

Aromatica Poetica explores the arts & sciences of smell & taste. Vision is cool, but we want to expand the range of literary engagement with the two senses that are so often relegated to commercial ephemera. Stories and poems, reviews, excerpts from classics such as Proust’s madeleine and  Joyce’s Ulysses, interviews with rose growers, distillers, and blind organic chemists, poems on perfume, and essays on the smell of old books, are just some of the things you’ll find on Aromatica Poetica.

Aromatica Poetica is not a website for or about blindness, but it does seek to shape the world in a direction that is a little more blind-friendly, by encouraging intelligent engagement with the oft-neglected sense of smell, “the fallen angel,” as Helen Keller called it in her wonderful chapter that argues for its rehabilitation.

We believe there are not enough blind writers getting published in the world, and when they are, they are often urged to write of themselves. Aromatica Poetica’s Blind Writers Project seeks to celebrate blind voices without necessarily considering life with blindness. This campaign will solicit submissions from blind writers and pay them for their efforts in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as feature one author each month for four months on the website and on social media. In doing so, we hope to expand ideas about smell and taste, as well as encourage and highlight the work of blind people, who are so often depicted in the media, and yet are so rarely the authors of those depictions.