“Dance of the Bird” & Other Poems by Maria A. Arana

Dance of the Bird

hummingbird chirping
on saggy bare tree branches
busy body stop

jump to leafy tree
big bird shares tweeting bright songs
and blinding sun leaves


my teeth clench…

my teeth clench
like a wrench
tightening bolts
to prevent
from dislodging
and breaking
but teeth like mine
become brittle
like cracker crumbs
over the table


I hear the pop…

I taste the pop of your bombs
they come down like rain

I feel the beep of your heart
falling on everyone
who doesn’t believe in your God

I hear the moan of your cry
a thousand hands clasped
together as a net
built to withstand another fall

I see a history
ingrained into my brain
where it mushes with the dead

—About Maria A. Arana—

Maria A. Arana is a teacher, writer, and poet. Her poetry has been published in various journals including Spectrum, The Pangolin Review, Nature Writing, and Cholla Needles Magazine. You can find her at https://twitter.com/m_a_Arana