Munsterthal Torte * Jazz Baking Video * Marc Wagnon & Sarah Pillow * Includes Recipe!

From the picturesque village of Chandolin, situated in the Val D’Anniviers (a valley in the Swiss Alps) comes this delightful jazz baking video by Marc Wagnon and Sarah Pillow that will tickle your ears with its jazz melody and enchant your eyes with its lovely alpine scenery while it teaches you to make a traditional Munsterthal Torte. The recipe comes from Marc’s grandmother Alice Schellenberg. As you’ll learn, it’s very chocolatey, a bit boozy, and oh so delicious.

If you are too swept up in the charming narration by Marc and Sarah to write down the recipe, never fear, you’ll find it below. The soundtrack to the “Munsterthal Torte Jazz Baking Video” is Victor Young’s “Stella by Starlight,” sung by Sarah, accompanied by Marc on keyboard.


Munsterthal Torte

150 grams butter at room temperature (5 oz.)

200 grams sugar (7 oz.)

6 eggs, separated

150 grams of ground almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts (5 oz.)

50 grams flour (2 oz.)

150 grams dark chocolate (70% or more), grated (5 oz.)

1 shot glass of Eau de Vie (Kirsch or similar)


Mix the softened butter, sugar and the 6 egg yolks for Fifteen Minutes (by hand, probably less with a mixer) until it gets to a mousse-like consistency

Separately, beat the egg whites ‘En Neige’ (into snow, or hard peaks)

fold into the butter batter, along with the grated chocolate, nuts, and sifted flour. Fold carefully, do not mix.

Pour the Eau de Vie into the batter, and carefully fold until the liquid is incorporated.

Take a 9” spring form cake pan, and with a pencil, trace the bottom of the pan onto parchment paper. Carefully cut the paper circle out of the parchment and put into the bottom of the pan.

Pour the batter into the springform pan, and set into the lower level of a preheated 180 degree Celsius (375 Fahrenheit) oven.

This cake is delicious served at any temperature, alone or with fresh, unsweetened whipped cream.

—About the Creators—

Marc Wagnon and Sarah Pillow founded Buckyball Music, Inc. for musicians seeking to re-align the relationship between the artist and the music ‘business’. The ever-changing platform of how music is enjoyed by listeners has resulted in regularly re-inventing themselves to meet these challenges, all the while following the ideas of inspirational humanist Buckminster Fuller. One of Buckyball Music’s accomplishments is connecting music with science in entertaining and enlightening performances.

During the height of the 2020 pandemic, Sarah and Marc started posting weekly “Quarantine Anthems” confined from their studio in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Their videos include music from several genres, as well as the making of a Dobsonian Telescope and now, a baking video! Their videos can be found on Vimeo and YouTube, or download and stream their music from their website, Buckyball Music.