“To My Sense of Smell” * Poetry * Gabriela Iacovano

*This poem was inspired by the recent loss of my sense of smell since I contracted COVID-19.*


passed the season in rose-muddied berry-tinted dairy-clotted clouds tiny porcelain-and-steam pillars sweet smoke spirals ancient resins candied orange when id never eat it lathering creamy wintry bubbles carrying honeyed mists crushing petals breaking seeds laying ferns on cakes blooming magic feels your absence in the glitter and fog of my soup pot oily kale on broth swirling sea plant emerald frills golden flashes missing your warnings healthy system signals order and pleasure cues to clean or discard i have smelled autumn with my heart and long to smell the first snows i beg your forgiveness eating charred sweet potato standing on sore ankles bitter ash promised crunch failing me salt stinging peeled lips feeding swelling stress i hope we are reunited soon


—About the Author—

Gabriela Iacovano is a 22-year-old artist and aspiring teacher living in upstate New York.