“The Six Senses Celebrate Rain” * Poetry * Ginger Dehlinger

A curious stillness fills the air,
ethereal as a phantom
yet a hair’s breadth from corporeal.
My brain prickles with elation
as all of my sensory receptors anticipate
the electric change about to happen.

The miracle begins in the distance
as a pale, ragged scarf of chiffon.
It arrives swollen with liquid silver
that rolls off the tongues of aspen leaves,
pock-marks the dust,
dimples the surface of a pond.

My outstretched hands
welcome the nourishing moisture.
Twirling in crystal effervescence
I let a fine, cool drizzle
speckle my face,
blend with the salt of my joy.

When I lick my upper lip
my tongue collects a nectar of
lovely minerals gathered
through eons of reincarnation.
Fresher than tap water,
the elixir nurses my taste buds.

Rain falling on sun-warmed soil
kicks up the smell of herbal decay.
I guzzle the timeless fragrance
of moist, pristine air,
breathe deep the spicy-resin aroma
released by thirsty junipers.

The plink plink plink in puddles
signals rain’s growing intensity.
A symphonic thrumming
begins flowing through the trees—
Mother Nature’s misty lullaby
that will serenade my dreams.


–About The Author—

Ginger Dehlinger writes in multiple genres. Although better known for her novels Brute Heart and Never Done, her poetry and short stories have been published in numerous anthologies, and she has won two Pacific Northwest writing competitions for her essays. You can find Ginger in Bend, Oregon or at www.gdehlinger.blogspot.com.