6 Micro Poems by Margarita Serafimova


After the dark,
the stairs up smell of future.



I remember when you disappointed me for the first time.
Almonds were blossoming, I was south near the border.
They were as exquisitely fragrant as happiness.
I learned to stand up straight as a person pursuing it.



I was in the water, the water was inside of me.
I smell of sea.
I am going where the ones
who first came out of the ocean are.



The fragrance of the lily of the valley was a key,
and when I looked at its whiteness,
the future moment became present.



I shall be cleansed, I told the clear sea
its Eastern blueness, its Southern aroma.
And then, at each other we smiled.



Cold, fragrant paws.
You have played in autumn rock crane’s bill.


—About the Author—

Margarita Serafimova is the winner of the 2020 biennial Tony Quagliano/ Hawai’i Council for the Humanities International Award for innovative poetry ‘recognizing an accomplished poet with an outstanding body of work’, a 2020 and 2021 Pushcart nominee and a finalist in nine other U.S. and international poetry contests. She has four collections in Bulgarian and a chapbook in the U.S., “A Surgery of A Star”. Her digital chapbook, ‘Еn-tîm’ (‘Forest’), is forthcoming by the San Francisco State University Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange in 2021. A full-length collection, ‘A White Boat and Foam’, is to be published in the U.S. in 2022. Her work appears widely, including at Nashville Review, LIT, Agenda Poetry, Poetry South, Botticelli, Shrew, Steam Ticket, Waxwing, A-Minor, Trafika Europe, Noble/ Gas, Obra/ Artifact, Great Weather for Media, Landfill, Nixes Mate. Visit.


—About the Artist—

Sherry Shahan lives in a laid-back beach town in California where she grows carrot tops in ice cube trays for pesto. Her artwork has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, december, Fourth River, Moon Shadow PressGargoyle, Montana Mouthful, Literary Mama, Junk Drawer Magazine, Deep Overstock and is forthcoming from Terror House Magazine. She holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Our featured image by Sherry is called “Clam Soup.”