“Italian Sunday” * Poetry * Diane Kane


Sunday morning quiet
Open cans of tomato
Puree, chopped, and paste.
Only Contadina will do.
Garlic, oregano, palm
Full of sugar. Mix, check
Flame, place cover askew.
Remove ground Hamburg
From brown paper wrapper.
Room temperature
Tan eggs in yellow bowl
On Formica table.
Time to go to the garden.
Snap rubbers over black
Shiny shoes. Walk through
Dew to where the
Green parsley grows.
Pinch willowy shoots between
Fingernail and thumb. Inhale.
Return with bounty
Steam drips from windows
In warm kitchen. Chop
Whimsy leaves. Mix into
Breadcrumbs warm from
Oven. Kneed meat with
cracked eggs, pinch of salt,
Clove of garlic crushed
between blade of knife
And wooden cutting board.
Hand full of Parmesan
Cheese. Shh, secret ingredient.
Mix well. Inhale. Pull
handful of sticky mixture.
Roll until perfectly round.
Admire. Pour olive oil from
gold can into hot steel pan.
Place orbs into jumping
Grease. Turn, turn.
Pluck each ball from pan.
Plop into bubbling sauce.
Simmer all day. Sweet
Smell permeates the air
Taste buds dance.
Family arrives boisterous.
“Mangia, mangia!” Eat, eat!
Sunday Afternoon fulfilled.


—About the Author—

Diane Kane authored the children’s book Don Gateau the Three-Legged Cat of Seborga, published in English, French, Spanish and Italian. She is publisher and co-author of Flash in the Can, Number One, and Number Two, adult flash stories. Her poetry has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines. Diane is a founding member and submissions coordinator for Quabbin Quills nonprofit writers group. She also writes for the Uniquely Quabbin Magazine. Diane chases her dreams of writing in the woods of Massachusetts and on the rocky shores of Maine. Find her on Facebook at Page of Possibilities and online at WriteofPossibilities.com.